Dr Geoff McNulty
Senior Lecturer, Education (Guidance and Counselling)
Programme Name: Master of Guidance and Counselling
Institution: James Cook University

Who should take the programme?
This programme is accredited by the Australian Counselling Association in Australia and by the Singapore Association for Counselling in Singapore. Therefore, this programme is appropriate for those looking to pursue a career in counselling in both countries or internationally.

Beyond a career in counselling, the core of any effective counselling situation is effective communication and this programme will help learners develop highly effective interpersonal skills within their working roles more generally.

Talk about an interesting module.
Each core module within the MGC represents a different facet of basic Counsellor training therefore which is most interesting becomes a matter of personal choice for the learner. However from the teacher/facilitator’s perspective, ‘Foundations of Counselling Theory’ is crucially important as the ‘foundation’ or bedrock, upon which the experience of a quality Counsellor Training Course sits.

As Educators, our core task is to construct a solid learning and understanding base for students. We believe we create this strength of constructed understanding by introducing students to a range of Counselling theories, ensuring that they understand the principles of each theory and how each theory connects to others in the Program. We encourage an understanding of how each theory will logically translate into practical action including what identifying features distinguishes one theory from others once ‘in action’ rather than just ‘in theory’. Finally, we encourage the learner to reflect on their own preferred
Counsellor ‘identity’ based on the range of theories they have been introduced to.

How did the postgraduate degree help you in your career? / Feedback from Alumni
“I was tasked with starting up the counselling service at SMU in 2004 and the MGC degree created a great foundation for all the work that I’ve done. Most of the subjects — including counselling theory, career counselling, counselling assessments and the practicum component — could be applied directly to my work as a counsellor.

Even though I left SMU to start my own training company in 2015, the exciting work I am doing now has its roots in the MGC course that I took. It has shaped my thinking and provided me with the mindset and ability to do what I am doing today.”
– Dr Timothy His, Founder and Principal, Abundanz Consulting