Biannual Postgraduate Fair for Professionals

The Postgraduate Masterclass Fairs aims to help professionals gain an insight into how postgraduate education (MBA, Masters, PhD) and continuing education programmes can help you with your career progression and personal development.

Apart from visiting the various schools’ Exhibition Booths to speak with their representatives, the Masterclass Fair offers free 1-hour Masterclass Sessions, where participants will have the opportunity to experience different classes and topics taught by the schools.

Past Masterclass Fair Topics

  • Security Challenges for Cyber-Physical Systems – SUTD
    • Prof. Martin Ochoa – MSSD Chair and Assistant Professor, Information Systems Technology and Design
  • Transportation and Logistics for Future Cities – SMU PhD
    • Prof. Cheng Shih-Fen – Deputy Director of Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing & Engineering Corp Lab (UNiCEN)
  • Teach Less, Learn More (TLLM) – NIE
    • Associate Professor Ng Pak Tee, Associate Dean, Leadership Learning, Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning, NIE
  • The Promise of Analytics – NUS ISS
    • Dr. Leong Mun Kew – Deputy Director , NUS,  Institute of Systems Science
  • CollabX Sustainability – Create Future-Ready Businesses – Nottingham University Business School and PSB Academy
    • Panel of Academic and Industry Speakers
  • Value Creation for Sustainable Success – NTU NTC
    • Associate Professor Hooi Den Huan – Director, Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre
  • The Role of Intellectual Property Law in Promoting Innovation in the Tech Sector – James Cook University
    • Dr Wesley Kendall – Senior Lecturer (Business) – James Cook University
  • The Power of Branding – Kaplan Higher Education Institute
    • Dr Donald Tan
  • Politically Incorrect? Truths about Power and Leadership – IE University
    • Michael C. Wenderoth – Adjunct Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Career Success Strategies – ESSEC Business School
    • Prof. Aarti Ramaswami – Management Department and Academic Director of ESSEC Global MBA
  • Global Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley – Aventis
    • Prof. Andrey Mikhailitchenko, California State University
  • Entrepreneurship, Starting a Business and Building the Future – EASB
    • Dr. Claire Seaman from the Queen Margaret University, UK
  • Entrepreneurship: What’s the buzz about ? – NTU NTC
    • Mr Rick Tay – Deputy Director, Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre, NTU
  • Mid-career professionals: Challenges and Opportunities – NUS SCALE
    • Dr. Guo Lei – Senior Lecturer, School of Continuing and Lifelong Education, NUS
  • Digital Neuromarketing – NTU Nanyang Business School
    • Prof. Gemma Calvert – Professor (Practice), Nanyang Business School, NTU
  • The Art of Luxury Experience – ESSEC Business School
    • Prof. Sonja Prokopec – LVMH Chaired Professor of Luxury Brand Management, ESSEC Business School
  • Start with Data Governance – NUS ISS
    • Mr Nicholas Tan – Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Institute of Systems Science, NUS
  • Urban Science: Where Data Science Meets Urban Planning – SUTD
    • Prof. Ate Poorthuis – Assistant Professor (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences), Humanities, Art and Social Sciences, SUTD
  • Design Considerations for Curriculum Leadership – NIE
    • Mr Wong Yew Leong – Lecturer, National Institute of Education
  • Sustainable Market Leadership: Doing Business in the Sweet Spot – NUS Business School 
    • Prof. Prem Shamdasani– Academic Director, APEX MBA (English) Program, Assoc Professor, NUS Business School
  • Professional Skills for Life Transformations – JCU
    • Dr. Denise Dillon – Head of Academic Group Psychology and Education, James Cook University
  • Creating and Sustaining Intrapreneurial Employees – PSB
    • Michael Mustafa, Director of MBA Singapore, PSB / The University of Nottingham
  • The Future of Industry 4.0 on Innovation and Skills – SMU LKCSB
    • Professor Shantanu Bhattacharya, Associate Dean (Postgraduate Programmes), SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business
  • Industry 4.0 – Historical Overview and Current Trends – NUS SCALE
    • Associate Professor Goh Puay Guan, NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions : An Introduction – NUS Business School
    • Dr. Jumana Zahalka, Academic Director, MSc in Management & CEMS MIM, NUS Business School
  • The Future of Writing Software – NUS ISS
    • Dr. Suriya Priya Asaithambi, Senior Lecturer & Consultant, Software Engineering & Design Practice, Institute of Systems Science, NUS
  • Innovation by Design – SUTD
    • Associate Professor Arlindo Silva, Engineering Product Development, Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • Servant Leadership in Developing People – NIE, NTU
    • Dr Zhang Yenming, Senior Lecturer, Policy & Leadership Studies, National Institute of Education, NTU
  • Viral Marketing Campaign: What Makes It Work ? – ESSEC Business School
    • Professor Chung Tuck Siong, Associate Prof. of Marketing, ESSEC Business School
  • Urban Planning – Dealing with “Wicked Problems” – James Cook University
    • Dr Simona Azzali – Lecturer, Urban Design, James Cook University
  • Preparing for A Successful Entrepreneurial Career – NTU NTC
    • Dr Xia Zhiqiang – Director (Graduate Programmes), Nanyang Technopreneurship Center, NTU
  • The Pillars of Luxury Brand Management – ESSEC Business School
    • Prof Sonja Prokopec, LVMH Chaired Professor, Marketing Department, ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific
  • Industry 4.0 – Historical Overview and Current Trends – NUS SCALE
    • Associate Professor Goh Puay Guan, NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education (SCALE)
  • Entrepreneurial Decision Making Under Uncertainty – Nanyang Technopreneurship Center, NTU
    • Dr Xia Zhiqiang, Programme Director, MSc in Technopreneurship and Innovation
  • Leadership Fairness in the Age of AI – SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business
    • Associate Professor Michael Bashshur, Organisational Behavious and Human Resources
  • Innovation by Design: The Future is Now! – Singapore University of Technology and Design
    • Associate Professor Arlindo Silva, Engineering Product Development, Singapore University of Technology and Design

With a total of over 2,100 registrants to our fair in 2020, the HeadHunt Masterclass Fair showcases the various local, private as well as overseas institutions and their courses offered.

The HeadHunt Masterclass Fair 2020 was held 16 May 2020, and was organised virtually, in light of the COVID situation at the point in time. It was concluded with great success, with the help of all 25 of our partnering institutions.

Check out our photo gallery below for more snippets of the past Masterclass Fairs!