Ryan Guo Yu Sheng
Manager, Global Operating Certificates
Visa Singapore
Programme Name: Master of Science in Accounting with specialisation in Data & Analytics (MSA)
Institution: Singapore Management University

Scholar, Business Leader, Father of 3 – How does Ryan Manage to Have it All?
Ryan Guo Yu Sheng is a part-time MSA Student, an SMU Masters-ASEAN Scholarship Recipient, and the Manager of Global Operating Certificates at Visa Singapore.

A finance professional with over 10 years of experience under his belt, Ryan decided to pursue the SMU Master of Science in Accounting with specialisation in Data & Analytics (MSA) to acquire new skills to further his career and expertise in financial data. The proud father of three young children shares how he rises above challenges to juggle work, life and family and manages to have it all.

What inspired you to pursue the MSA programme?
There were a number of analytics focused postgraduate degrees already on the market but none of them catered to my particular interest – application of data technology to finance. With the MSA being run by the SMU School of Accountancy and the pedagogical approach focused not on creating data scientists but more on data-adept finance professionals, this was a course tailor-made for me.

Having been a technically savvy finance professional for most of my career, I was aware that there is an increasing focus on the application of technology to finance processes. Simply relying on our IT colleagues to fill us in on technical developments is a thing of the past. A new set of skills is required and having conversed with Professor Wang Jiwei [the MSA programme director], I felt that the MSA programme could provide me with these skills.

How do you feel about receiving the Scholarship and how will it impact your life and studies?
I am grateful to the school for awarding me the coveted SMU Masters-ASEAN Scholarship. The Scholarship is a recognition of my desire to improve myself and of my commitment to contribute to the class’ learning. I took on the mantle to lead, having volunteered as the President of the Class Committee to represent our classmates.

What makes your SMU Experience rewarding?
SMU has always been a place close to my heart, with inspiring educators and a highly progressive academic structure. I benefited much from the academic rigour and project-based learning as an undergraduate at SMU. The MSA programme is just as academically demanding, if not more so.

The MSA class has a good mix of young and experienced students, and being the President of the Class Committee, I have learnt much from the classmates about various industries and the perspectives that they bring. I have also enjoyed mentoring the younger members of my class committee in both their professional development as well as organising events for the class.

How do you manage to juggle work, family and school?
As a part-timer, juggling between a full day of work and then school in the evening is challenging. I am grateful for supportive bosses with the foresight to invest for the future. As for family life, I do miss putting my three kids to bed on those days with lessons. I am thus thankful that I have the support of my wife and family and I make it a point to spend more time on the