Kee Yew Boon Adrian
Public Officer
Programme Name: Msc in Knowledge Management
Institution: Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

What is this programme about?
The MSc in Knowledge Management programme is designed to educate and transform professionals from various disciplines into the next generation of knowledge management leaders to create, enhance and exploit the knowledge assets of organisations of all types. Its multidisciplinary nature draws upon the theories and practices of many disciplines such as business management, library and information science, information systems, computer science, philosophy, psychology, and many others.

Who should take the programme?
This programme is suitable for professionals and managers specialising in knowledge sectors in a wide range of industries such as telecommunications, public sector, consultancy and so on. It also suits new managers tasked to create and boost the knowledge capability of their organisations.

Talk about an interesting module.
I found the course “Knowledge Management Strategies and Policies” interesting and enjoyed it a lot. During the lessons, guest speakers from both private and public sectors came down to share with students their experiences in Knowledge Management (KM) work. The sharing sessions, team projects and case studies discussions facilitated a practical understanding of critical success factors and also difficulties of implementing KM in different types of organisations.

How did the postgraduate education help you in your career?
Prior to undertaking the programme, I had only a basic understanding of what Knowledge Management (KM) is about. Being a member of the Knowledge Management committee in my workplace, I was naturally interested to understand more about KM. The foundation and core courses of the programme introduced me to a systematic understanding of what KM is about. I learned how KM helps build the capacity of an organisation by developing, organising, retaining and utilising human and knowledge resources to contribute to the overall organisational effectiveness. By attending the programme, it allowed me to better understand and learn about different KM practices which I could bring back to share and implement in my workplace.

Feedback on the programme
The core courses in the programme allows students to understand what KM is about and appreciate the role and impact it can make to an organisation. I particularly appreciated the fact that the programme covers current topics through modules such as Business intelligence, Storytelling in Organisations and Information Mining and Analysis.