Dr Darius Aw
General Surgery Resident, SingHealth Residency
Programme Name: Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Institution: Duke-NUS Medical School

What is this programme about?
The Duke-NUS Doctor of Medicine (MD) is a 4-year graduate-entry medical degree programme that trains graduates to become ‘Clinicians First, Clinicians Plus’ through a unique curriculum. The School prepares us to be competent clinicians first, and beyond that, build on our other capabilities to become clinician scientists, innovators, educators and leaders in the Singapore healthcare system. The joint degree is awarded by Duke University and National University of Singapore (NUS).

Who should enrol in the programme?
If you want to pursue medicine after your first degree and are passionate about transforming medicine and improving lives, you should definitely apply. People of all nationalities and academic backgrounds are welcome, including working adults and fresh graduates of Science, Engineering, Business, Accountancy, Arts, and more. At Duke-NUS, the diversity in our class is a key strength as it promotes robust brainstorming, encourages critical thinking and helps develop key skills expected of future clinicians.

What was studying medicine at Duke-NUS like?
The faculty and administrators were very supportive in every step of our medical journey. It wasn’t easy to pursue medical training for many of us who were starting medical school later in life and had families with young children. The diversity of our class also allowed us to interact with others from different academic disciplines and learn from one another, promoting innovation and creativity.

How did the postgraduate degree help you in your career?
Having a graduate-entry medical degree gives us the advantage of knowing what we really want and being able to stay focused on the career path we have taken. At the same time, we have the maturity to sustain this passion. The fact that we have varied first degrees and for some of us, work experience, helps us to see things in a different way and approach issues in a creative manner. This, to me, is the strongest trait that a Duke-NUS student can bring to the medical world.

Feedback from Dr Aw
Duke-NUS was my first choice, and one of the best I have made. Coming from a biomedical background, I was always interested in the medical field. When Duke-NUS started accepting applications for the postgraduate medical programme, I was presented with an opportunity to achieve what I could not when I was younger. I was also drawn to the fact that the School is keen to accept applicants from diverse backgrounds

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