Royston Sim
Education Consultant – Asia
Programme Name: CPA Program
Institution: CPA Australia

What is this programme about?
CPA Australia’s CPA Program is a postgraduate, professional accounting qualification programme, which equips you with skills beyond numbers and technical skills.

The CPA Program places a strong emphasis on strategy, leadership and business skills. By covering domestic and global business issues, the CPA Program provides the expertise today to create the strategic leaders of tomorrow.

Completing the CPA Program coupled with three years of professional experience in finance, accounting or business, you will be advanced to CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) status. The CPA designation is internationally recognised. Being a CPA is a mark of high professional competence and highly regarded in the industry.

Who should take the programme?
Anyone with a degree qualification seeking to advance their professional career towards international recognition and deepening of business acumen are welcome.

Graduates and professionals – If you aspire to be an internationally recognised Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) or looking to build an exciting career based on professional accounting skills, the CPA Program is your best choice.

Non-accounting degree graduates can enter the CPA Program after completing the Foundation exams, which provides you with the important core knowledge to do the CPA Program

How does this programme help you in your career?
Becoming a CPA gives you the skills and knowledge to prepare you to take your career to the next level. There are over 164,000 members working globally, including major economic hubs of Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Dubai and New York. More than 25,000 CPA Australia members are currently working in senior leadership positions.

The CPA Program consists of six subjects (four compulsory and two electives) and a work experience requirement.

Rather than simply providing a technical focus, the CPA Program subjects emphasizes on leadership, strategy and business skills. This equips candidates with an understanding of the dynamic issues facing the organisation in the global market place, developing them to become business advisors and leaders.

CPA Australia members also enjoy a wide variety of networking & professional development events to further enhance their visibility & growth.

Your relationship with CPA Australia does not end after completing the program. As part of a professional accounting body, you will be kept up to date with the changes in the industry through thought leadership events and professional resources.

Take your career to the next level. Today.

Feedback from Alumni
“The strength of the CPA Program is in making use of contemporary and internationally relevant materials to provide candidates with an understanding of dynamic issues facing today’s organisations. The core subjects are tailormade for developing strategic business advisors and leaders with regional and global perspectives, having clear insights into business operations and to envisage the overall direction of the organisations’ future developments.”
Mr Patrick Kwok, FCPA (Aust.), General Manager, Starbucks Singapore