Landing a Singapore job is a dream of most people, especially if it is a top spot in a multinational company. As the job market progresses, you should also be fully aware of the risks present. There are quite a large number of new recruitment firms in the country – some of which are good, and some only after your money.

It would be best if you can connect with a top headhunter in the country. It might be tricky. But armed with the right knowledge and skills you can easily identify the ones you can put your trust in. The most integral part of this is questioning and asking. You should be able to probe through and gauge whether or not a headhunter is legit.

Investigate by asking about the market and how much they know about the job environment in the country. They should know how Singapore recruitment works, as much as they know the job details of the position they offer to you. Ask them for information about the potential growth you can have in the position, the advantages of transferring to the company, the nature of business of the company, the size of the team you will most likely handle, and how the turnover works.

One sign of a good recruiter is the ability to size you up against different positions and find the perfect fit for you. Moreover, they are most likely to be well-known in the job market, especially among professionals who are sought after. Ask your friends, colleagues and family whether or not they have had an experience with the recruiter. Even based on this, you would already know if you can trust them or not.  

You can also conduct a background check. Executives and managers are more attractive to ruinous recruiters. You should always be on your guard. To check, ask the employer if they have actually worked in your industry, who their other clients are and how strong is their relationship with each other. Ask for information that would help you validate their credibility. Watch out for signs that may give away their ulterior motive.

It is more than all right to spend so much time asking a recruiter so many questions. In fact, it is very important. It is best if you can spend around 30 minutes just getting more information about them. A recruiter would not mind if they are confident about their credentials. As a top executive, you should spend all the time you can in the initial phone call. This saves you time and energy from illegal recruiters.

You may also exhaust the Internet for more information about recruiters who contact you. If they do not have an official website, search their names in forums, Singapore job sites and other relevant web addresses. Through these steps, you can have evaluate them better and identify the ones you can network with and the ones whose phone numbers you can throw out the window.