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A view from the top – ipac Wealth Management

What is the one thing you look out for in an interview candidate?
I pay attention to candidates’ attitudes and mindsets, which are reflected in the way they answer competency-based questions that require them to relate real-life experiences and how they manage such situations; for example: “What is one of the most difficult decisions you’ve had to make at work, and how did you handle it?” It is a challenge to get to know a person very well from an interview, so the interview is often conducted by a panel of people, in order to gain a better appreciation and assessment of each candidate.

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A View from the Top – Canon Singapore

What is your one trait which you think has led to your career success?
A persevering attitude that never gives up but seeks to find a solution to every problem has helped me in my career. I started as a Marketing Manager and over the years, it is this belief in perseverance that has brought me success in my career and helped me to reach my current position, leading the Canon consumer products marketing and sales team in Singapore.

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