What is your one trait which you think has led to your career success?
My one trait is having a strong sense of team-spirit. This goes together with the ability to communicate easily with all level of the hierarchy, using a consensus oriented approach in my director job and enables you to develop yourself more easily through the feedback you receive from others and therefore have a clear understanding of how to use your strengths and weaknesses to achieve your goals.

What do you look for in young leaders?
When it comes to young leaders, I look for those who take a hands-on and proactive approach in their work. They should also be charismatic and outgoing people, traits important if you want to land a manager job in the future.

Best career advice you’ve ever received?
Be adaptable, open to learn and embrace change and create opportunities for yourself.

What was one of your biggest challenges that you’ve faced in your career?
One of my biggest challenges was when I had to develop a business and create brand awareness almost from scratch. It can be overcome with a lot of perseverance, strong communication skills, an ability to be reactive and adapt to moving environments and a clear vision of your ultimate goal. All roads lead to Rome, but you may have to adapt your initial itinerary…

How can employees make a lasting impression on you at work?
Employees can make a lasting impression on me by being proactive, and confront issues by bringing new ideas or solutions.

What are some of your personal goals for yourself when it comes to your career?
First and foremost, I try to enjoy what I do and feel excited by the challenges in front of me. Make sure that I always continue to develop myself. Then I also try to keep an acceptable work/life balance.

Describe your leadership style.
I am very consensus-oriented. I believe that a good leader is one who is able to get team members on-board and adhere to his or her strategy. Then, leaders have to give team members some flexibility to do the things the way they feel it. I believe people are good when they are empowered and feel they have an impact.

Describe a typical day for you at work.
In my role as a Managing Director at Resources Global Professionals, there is no typical day. With such a global function, I have to work on business development and client relationship, which is probably the biggest part of my job, but also work on recruitment, interviewing potential candidates in the final rounds, marketing and communication, finance and administration… The challenge is to multi-task well and this is what makes the role exciting.