What are some of your personal traits which you think has led to your business success?
As the PwC Singapore Human Capital Partner and an Assurance Partner, the ability to multi-task and ability to assume multiple roles is pretty much a prerequisite. My strong organisational skills have helped me to plan ahead and anticipate the challenges ahead. I thrive on challenges and embracing each new challenge with enthusiasm has contributed to where I am today.

What is your biggest challenge as a business leader?
The challenge to deliver a consistent experience to our people comes to mind. We are a partnership (more than 80 partners in Singapore alone) and being a catalyst in achieving a consistent coaching culture, ensuring that anything we do “isn’t just about initiatives, it touches on personal behaviours,” remains a focus. I look forward to a day when each of us as partners of the Firm is able to engage our people in a genuine and seamless way.

Best career advice you’ve ever received?
Be passionate about whatever you do everyday. Work is a daily affair; hence it is very important that you have got to like what you do. Only then, will you be able to perform your very best.

How would you describe your personal leadership style?
I believe in empowering my teams. My role is clearly that of a mentor and coach and my focus is to bring the best out in my people.

What traits do you look out for in future leaders?
Future leaders should have good listening and communication skills. Because of the global presence PwC has, it is important that future leaders have a global outlook and more importantly demonstrate cultural agility, to be able to communicate with people of all levels and respect diversity.

How can employees impress you at work?
Employees who bring a fresh perspective and who have great ideas impress me at work; I also believe that employees who can build relationships with people they work with, be it their clients or their colleagues are employees who bring a personal perspective to their roles.

How do you seek to better yourself at work?
Every day at work, I have to deal with challenges. While I am focused on the outcome, I reflect on the process and derive my key learnings from there as that allows me to become a better person.

What motivates you at work?
I am privileged to have had the experience of working with many people whom have contributed to who I am today. People around me and the environment they create motivate me to come to work every day to make a difference.