What is your one trait which you think has led to your career success?
Curiosity combined with a desire to learn all the time.

What do you look for in young leaders?
The most important traits I look for in a leader are; A love of life, curiosity and a desire to learn, self-drive, seeking out and embracing challenges, resilience, honesty with themselves and with others and knowing which stuff to sweat.    

Best career advice you’ve ever received?
The best advice I ever received was this: over the long run, people who do the right things and display integrity in whatever they do, do better than those who consistently focus only on the expedient and short-term focused things.

What was one of your biggest challenges that you’ve faced in your career and in handling an executive job?
Through some challenging experiences, I learned the valuable lesson that successful leaders depend on their ability to draw out the best in others and need to have a good understanding of their own blind spots.  

How can employees make a lasting impression on you at work?
People who are passionate about what they do and really care about the outcomes of their work are infectious in a very positive way. I like and appreciate that combination.    

How can employees add value to their work?
Employees can add the most value by knowing what is in the best interest of the broader enterprise and what role they play in the process of enterprise value creation. Driven by these insights, they can make focused and truly meaningful contributions through their work. This cuts out all the unnecessary and unproductive stuff.

What are some of your personal goals for yourself when it comes to your career in Singapore?
I have three primary goals: Firstly, to continue to grow the scope of what I do and do what I do well. Secondly, make a difference and add value in whatever I do. Adding value applies both to the enterprise and the people with whom I work. Thirdly, always be passionate about what I do. The outcome of all of this is that I derive both stimulation and satisfaction from completing challenging work assignments and that is a great driver for me personally to aspire to ever greater heights.  

What drives your motivation at work?
I am driven by challenging assignments, they make work both interesting and engaging. However, this alone is not enough, I am also motivated by the desire to make meaningful contributions in whatever I do and by the knowledge that I am empowered do so at Dimension Data.

What makes your organisation a great place to work?
Dimension Data has a vigorous work ethic centered on action and success. We achieve this vibrancy by rooting out unnecessary red tape and “wheel spinning”. These traits combined with an informal, frank, merit-based and ethical environment make Dimension Data a great place to be. We work hard to make every day an extraordinary day!