What is one character trait which you think has led to your career success?
I would say that it is my passion for work. Ever since I started working, I’ve always been very passionate about the job that I am doing at that moment in time. When you are passionate about something, you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and spending time on the ground in order to understand the issues. This applies to accounting jobs and to other executive jobs.

Even if you have a task that you’re not familiar with, as long as you’re passionate about your job, you will probably try to look for ways to be successful in that particular task. 

What do you look for in young leaders?
I think young leaders need to be willing to start from the ground. When it comes to leadership, some people just want to get to the top very quickly. But by spending time on the ground, you actually can understand the overall picture of the company better, and when you become a leader, it will help you resolve issues better and have a perception that would benefit both yourself and the company.

Young leaders also need to focus on EQ skills. When you are in a leadership position, you need to spend more time talking to people and resolving issues, and that requires a lot of EQ skills.

Finally, I think young leaders also have to take some responsibility for their career and their future. it’s not going to be handed out to you all the time. They need to voice out their thoughts, which can be as simple as telling their supervisors, “I want to move up in my career, what can I do to move up?”A good piece of career advice
One good piece of career advice is not to limit yourself. For example, if you are an engineer by trade, it doesn’t mean that you can only work as an engineer. As long as you are open to the challenges and opportunities, it will help you in the long run, and will allow you to grow by gaining experience in other verticals.

What is one of the biggest challenges in your job?
I think attaining work-life balance is a challenge as it is something that you have to continuously work on. You can’t just work on it for a week, and then stop after that. I have not met anyone who is able to say with confidence that their work-life has been balanced because it is continuously seesaws depending on what you need at that point in your life.

What do like about your job?
The people at UPS make my work at UPS enjoyable. I’ve been with UPS for 13 years now and worked in three different cities – Seattle, San Francisco and Singapore. Whichever city I have been, the people have remained helpful, fun, friendly and passionate and dedicated about their work. There is also a very high spirit of teamwork at UPS too.