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Driving digital transformation

Mr Tan Chi Siong
Chief, Master of Technology in Digital Leadership programme, NUS-ISS

Why is digital leadership relevant today?
In today’s world, almost every business is a digital business. Our industries and organisations are increasingly being disrupted and transformed by the pervasive use of digital technologies, along with the rise of disruptive business models.
As the rate of disruption accelerates, the gap between leaders and laggards has become bigger. The programme’s strong focus on digital strategy and leadership will enable participants to learn new skills and harness the opportunities in the new digital economy.

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More Customised, Versatile, Technologically Advanced MICE Events on the Cards

By Susheela Menon

HR leaders have always understood the need for leaders, employees and customers to connect well for better business prospects, whether for banking jobs and financial jobs, even to those that are in the events industry. MICE events  are today organised with specific goals in mind and organisers are starting to feel the pressure of providing impeccable technical  support, hybrid venues and hassle- free services.

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Want a Trump Card ? Get a Masters degree

Want a Trump Card?
Get a Masters degree

You may be doing perfectly well in your professional life yet something is amiss.
A higher degree may give you the competitive edge you are seeking.
By Ananya Mukherjee

Credentials never hurt. A systematic higher education in your field of interest could be interesting and provocative; least of all, it could translate a set of prescriptive recommendations into higher productivity. In addition, being enrolled in a top school for a higher degree could give you a coveted platform, open doors to new jobs and key people who would otherwise be difficult to access. “In the increasingly competitive job market I believe that having an MBA enhances the possibility of landing a good job. Thirty years ago, especially in Asia, it was more an exception than a norm that people had University degrees. These days, how one looks on paper has become a lot more important. And almost everyone in executive positions have been to University, so having an advanced qualification like an MBA from a top school would very likely improve one’s chances of landing a good job,” Marvin Yeo, an entrepreneur with an MBA degree from a reputed institute says.

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